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Mobile massage
You have little time in our fast-paced world. Sometimes it is even a real torment to keep everything in mind. Career, family and leisure are hard to reconcile.
Not to mention your own needs. Although you know that you need a rest, but you can do nothing for it. Maybe you’re looking for a refreshing massage.
What’s going on in your head when you want to book a massage appointment? You are not dating on the weekend, you could give an appointment. Then it occurs to you that you have to bring the dog to the hairdresser. Or you refuse the appointment, because you have no time for the effort.

A good way to relax offers the mobile massage, even if you are busy. To learn more about the mobile massage, read this article.

What is the mobile massage?
No wonder the mobile massage originated in the United States. This massage type is well suited for the employees and many travelers.

America is the land of the distance, and you’re always on the move. That’s why mobile massage is a service where the massage therapist comes to the customer, not the other way around.

The mobile massage offers either medical or wellness massage. Depending on need and opportunity you can choose from all types of massage. Whether shiatsu or aromatic oil massage, you decide.

The mobile massage can take place anywhere and at any time. It is applicable at fairs, events, meetings, in the office or hotel room, at home or even at a party.


“Only health is life.” (Friedrich von Hagedorn)
The benefits of mobile massage
The main benefits of mobile massage are flexibility and convenience.

You can book a massage appointment from home or office. You also do not have to drive to the salon and spend minutes looking for a parking space. This will save you time and energy.

Furthermore, you should not consider fixed opening hours. There are no waiting times. This means that you can do your home or office work comfortably. Then you are ready to greet the masseur.

If you need to work overtime, you can use the mobile massage. You just have to ask your boss if massage break is allowed or not.

In many offices it is customary to give the employees an invigorating massage. She is especially good at spending a lot of time at the desk. What applications of mobile massage there are, you will find out below.

Applications of mobile massage
The mobile massage offers you medical massage with or without medical prescription and wellness massage.

If you are unable to move because of hip pain, invite the masseur to join you. Depending on which massage you want, you can be massaged dressed or undressed. In public (in the office, at parties, etc.) only mobile chair massage is possible.

In general, both the classical massage techniques, as well as the Far Eastern methods can be used. Most often, the mobile massage focuses on the area of ​​the back, shoulders and neck.

A partial body massage is also possible, especially if you have a headache. Then, at your request, a massage of your head can be made. If the massage takes place in a hotel or at home, a full body massage is also an option.

If you are interested in mobile massage, can help you. Not only is it extensive and accurate, it also provides reliable information.

Staying young through massage
Certainly everyone wants to stay young and fit, and you’re no exception.
When you look into yourself, you discover feelings of insecurity and fear of old age. During adolescence you rarely think that time passes. And very fast. Gradually, you realize that time is passing for your body as well.

What do you do then? Will you be desperate to turn to anti-wrinkle and moisturizing creams? Or do you start training regularly? Actually, this is not the wrong way to keep you fit and strong.

Only you should not be desperate. You can not prevent aging, but you can slow it down. Only you should pay attention to your body and mind in your youth. For that you have the massage as an excellent tool. Read on to learn more.

Young body
First and foremost, a young body can be recognized on the skin and on a healthy musculature.

Your skin is the largest sensory organ of your body. Their main role is to give the body protection from the influences of the outside world.

The elastic fibers in the dermis are responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. The subcutaneous tissue consists of fatty tissue, blood and lymph vessels and nerve cells. The collagen fibers and elastin make your skin stable, elastic, and retain moisture. The fiber proteins permeate the blood vessels and supply the skin with nutrients and oxygen.

As you age, the collagen fibers and the elastic fibers gradually decrease. The skin can no longer store moisture, and the skin becomes dry and thin.

In addition, the muscle mass decreases significantly in old age. In addition, the muscle fibers lose their elasticity. The weakening of the muscles can be prevented by training and exercise. You can read more about this here.


“You have to be young to do great things.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
Stay young spiritually
The mental youth differs from the physical by looking optimistically and curiously at the world. Youth means strength, energy and activity.

It is often said that an old body has a young mind. Or one does not calculate the age in years. There is a difference between biological and mental age

Your biological age shows how old your body really is. Click here to test your biological age. Your mental age denotes how young or old you feel emotionally. Here is a test for your mental age.

The physical strength should be retained by training. Likewise, you should also train your mental age to stay young. If you keep your curiosity for the world, you can experience more joy. Moreover, if you are always optimistic, you can master the challenges of life.

The enemies of youth
The enemies of physical youth are factors of the outside world. At the same time, stress and fatigue break the mental youth.

UV radiation is very harmful to the skin. It becomes wrinkled and limp, especially on the forehead, cheeks and neck. There is also a risk of developing skin cancer. Furthermore, the smoking of the skin turns off the blood circulation. This means that the skin becomes wrinkled and paler due to smoking. This is how you look older and tired. Low sleep, low-mobility lifestyle, and no water drinking contribute to the drying and aging of your skin.

Furthermore, stress and fatigue are harmful to your youth. You lose your optimism and continue your life without it. A good recipe for keeping your youth is the massage.

Staying young through massage
What solution does the massage offer for the aging of your skin?

The exfoliating massage is the best direct skin care and skin cleansing method. During the exfoliation massage, the first layer of skin is removed. So the skin becomes finer and smoother. After the facial and body peeling, the skin should be smeared with moisturizing creams. In addition, you should drink plenty of pure water to keep your skin elastic and hydrated.

Furthermore, a facial massage does the best to your facial skin. The masseuse’s hand movements relax your facial muscles, smoothing out your wrinkles and promoting blood circulation. The natural ingredients of the massage oils have a soothing and moisturizing effect on your body skin.

Finally, the massage relieves stress, reduces fatigue and regenerates. She also releases happiness hormones. So you feel after the massage emotional energy and optimism. You stand up like a new human, and go out into the world full of curiosity and strength. Just like the teenagers.

Self-motivation for massage
Just as you have to motivate yourself to work or lose weight, you should also motivate yourself to massage.
Motivation is easiest to assume, if it comes from the outside all the time. Positive affirmations and encouragement are always practical. Especially when we get them from loved ones.

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But another person does not always know what you would like best. You can always turn to other people for good advice. But you have to make your own decisions alone. That’s why it’s a harder job to acquire self-motivation.

You need to be motivated for your everyday life. You have a good job and you have to take care of your family. So you have to be motivated to massage too. How to do that, you will learn in the following.

What is self-motivation?
In order to better understand the term self-motivation, the word motivation should first be defined.

“Motivation refers to processes in which certain motives are activated and translated into actions.” (Source)

This means that every time you want to achieve something in life, you should do something for it. For example, you want to buy the long-awaited red shoes. The motive is that you want to wear the shoes to the party. This motive puts you into action when you work for money. So you will be able to reach your goal with this remedy.

The definition of self-motivation is thus as follows:

“Self-motivation is the ability of a person to start an effort of their own accord and without direct encouragement or compulsion from others, and to carry it out carefully and consistently until the set goal is achieved.” (Source)


“The biggest motivation we achieve, by growing our own personality” (Neck Way of life)
Self-motivation for massage
Self-motivation is most difficult for us if the motives are not urgent and noticeable.

What does that mean? The final date of a project falls at the end of the month. So you are not motivated to justify it the next day. Or, if you do not feel a sore throat, you are unmotivated to take remedies.

This is what the massage looks like. You know that the massage is good for your body and soul. Maybe you have already heard a lot about it. Or you even tried them.

You still do not go to the massage because you have no health problems. Or your periodic back pain can wait because you have to take care of other things. They go away someday. In order to become motivated for massage, you should consider the following: setting priorities, making goals, acting.

Tips for self-motivation for massage
Set priorities. You should set priorities in your life. You often try to get everything under control. Career, family, material security, leisure and staying fit. 90% of you are the others most important, 10% you pay attention to yourself. However, the balance should remain at 50-50%. This means that when you feel comfortable, you will be able to do everything else better.
Make the goal. Although you feel comfortable most of the time, maintaining your health is the goal. Do everything to keep you energetic and healthy. Eat healthy, often take walks in the fresh air and integrate the massage in your everyday life. The massage is not your goal. It’s just a good way to reach your goal. And your real goal is to maintain your physical and mental health.
Act. Take your own life in your hands. And take the first step to enjoy the benefits of the massage. Book a massage appointment in a salon or spa in your city. If you are going to massage for the first time, our article can help you enormously. If you have already been to massage, remember the good experiences. If not, try to find another masseuse. Plan in advance to book a massage appointment regularly. Start once a month, then twice, etc. Do not be humbled by other factors (lack of time, money, household or work) Stay with your massage routine. If you do everything right, you will not want to give it up.
I hope this information was useful to you. Tell us about your massage experiences.


My first massage appointment
How should I prepare?
You finally decided to go to the massage. Maybe you have heard a lot of good about it. Or you feel that you finally need a massage, otherwise it will not continue.
But you are worried about how to prepare for your first appointment. If you have basic knowledge of a massage session, you will overcome the initial difficulties.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first massage appointment.

The masseur / masseuse
You want to go to the massage for the first time. But you do not know which masseuse / masseur to choose.

First and foremost, you can ask friends about their experiences. Maybe someone can recommend you a good masseuse.

Second, you should surf the internet. See what massage parlors there are in your city. Then check if the masseuse has a professional idea. Training and practical experience of the masseur are required for a good massage.

If you have chosen your masseuse, contact him or her. It is recommended that you get to know him or her before your appointment. You can read more about this topic here.

The massage type
How can you make the masseuse and salon easier to choose? You can opt for a salon easier if you prefer a massage type.

Do not you know the massage types? No problem. The internet is full of relevant information. Look carefully what types of massage there are and read about it. Also our homepage contains the description of the individual massage types. So you’ll get a clear picture of what options there are for you.

It is also advisable to know what problem you are looking for the solution. Do you just want to relax? Or do you want to massage away your cramped back muscles? In the first case, an aroma oil massage would do you the best. In the second case, a more intense back massage would help you.


“No one can be comfortable without his consent.” (Mark Twain)
How should you prepare for your appointment?

After you have collected all the information, you can book your appointment. This can happen online, over the phone or sometimes in person. When booking appointments, discuss everything with the masseuse: date and time, duration, directions and costs. If you do not know what to take with you to the massage, ask about it.

Before the massage, allow yourself time to relax. Take off your work clothes, take a refreshing shower and eat something light. Open the windows to let in some fresh air and listen to your favorite music. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and shut down.

Go to the appointment in time, so that the masseuse does not have to wait for you. Take your identity card or any medical certificates with you.

As soon as you arrive at your appointment, a conversation with the masseuse / masseur follows. He or she wants to know if you have any health problems. For the purpose you should fill out a questionnaire (anamnesis).
Besides, she / he will ask you if you are satisfied with the atmosphere. You can tell when it is too cold in the room. Or if you do not like something, explain it to him / her.

Then the masseuse / masseur will ask you to take you off. But you do not have to stay completely undressed.

After that, follow the masseur’s instructions on how to lie down on the massage table. Then he will cover you with a towel or a blanket. What’s left is that you give the massage completely.

I hope this information was useful to you. Leave us a comment and tell us about your first appointment.

The perfect ambience during the massage
The ambience of the massage should feel like your home. Provided you feel comfortable and safe at home.
When you enter a massage room, the ambiance should seem cozy to you. Furthermore, you should feel the pleasant temperature. In addition, the weak but comforting lighting to teach you a sense of security. Not to mention the beautiful decoration that helps you to switch off.

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