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Back pain combating with massages and wellness
The pain in the back
Back pain occurs with varying degrees of intensity and regularly. Doctors distinguish between acute, subacute and chronic back pain. In the differentiation, the occurrence of the complaints plays a crucial role:

acute back pain  escort boy in paris
Acute back pain occurs at regular intervals over a maximum period of six weeks.

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subacute back pain  paris escort boy
In subacute pain in the back, the symptoms last up to three months.

chronic back pain  mobile paris escort boy 
People suffering from recurrent back pain for more than three months are the chronic back pain.
Common causes of back problems   mobile escort boy paris

Most causes of back pain are in our lifestyle. Overweight, lack of exercise and stress lead to tension. Furthermore, we move during physical activities that burden the back, injuring the back. Similarly, a wrong posture leads to damage in the musculoskeletal system. paris escort boy

If there is no serious illness or damage to the spine, tension is usually the trigger for severe pain. Indurations of the muscles in the back area lead to the irritation of the nerves.  escort boy in paris

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These can cause inflammation. Another factor that causes back pain is stress, which causes physical tension. Tension in the back area is noticeable by a pulling or pressure pain in the neck and shoulder area or by pulling in the waist region. Most people who suffer from back problems are between 30 and 50 years old.  escort boy paris

Emergence of back pain

Relieve back pain with massages and exercise   mobile escort boy paris
To relieve back pain, medications, exercise and massages are effective. Medications are available at any pharmacy or by a doctor. Sporting activities reduce back problems with time. Through massages, tensions go back.  mobile paris escort boy 

For acute or chronic pain, massages, physiotherapy and sports exercises are prescribed by a doctor. Spa treatments with peat packs or thermal therapies have a positive effect on back pain. Anyone who has problems with their backs and does not move causes the pain to worsen, as it worsens tension.  escort boy in paris

In the selection of sports activities, the focus is on the promotion of blood circulation and release of tension and muscle in the abdominal and back area. People with obesity relieve their spine by reducing weight. paris escort boy

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Progressive muscle relaxation and professional massages improve discomfort and increase well-being. Some exercises from physiotherapy are specifically tailored to the back and cause a long-term relief of the symptoms.  escort boy paris

Exercises for back pain

Use the right massage instructions to fight back pain  mobile escort boy paris
Many massage exercises specifically release tension in the back area. A certified spa massage practitioner is familiar with the human anatomy, is proficient in various massage techniques and methods of relaxation and complements a medical treatment. Regular massages and wellness packs provide relaxation of body and soul.  mobile paris escort boy

In everyday life there is often no time to relax or do sports. During sedentary activities, short relaxation exercises help to prevent pain caused by tension. Appropriate exercises and applications should be learned by trained professionals. If massage or relaxation exercises are used incorrectly, this has serious health consequences and the pain worsens. mobile  escort boy paris

Learning massage online in distance learning  mobile escort boy in paris
Both for private and professional purposes training or distance learning masseur is interesting. At the WellnessInPerfektion WIP GmbH, students acquire a certificate to become a practitioner of wellness massages via a distance learning program. With this certificate from the WIP, the doors open to a lucrative extra income.  escort boy in paris

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The free advice advises on career opportunities to build up a second foothold. The educational material includes information on massage and relaxation techniques, skeletal and muscular structure, and spa treatments. The distance learning course ends without examination and is possible without prior knowledge. Learning to massage online is possible for everyone, because different techniques are included in videos.  escort boy paris

Each video tutorial includes a massage instruction that is practiced at home. If you have any questions about a massage instruction, a team of state-approved therapists will be available to help students. With the course the WIP is not just learning massage online a breeze, but given a new career perspective.   escort boy paris

Wellness massage: relaxation sought and found  mobile escort boy paris
Massage distance learning teaches basic techniques
If the muscles are tense or hardened, they can be resolved during a relaxation massage. In addition, the circulation of the massaged parts is promoted. Stress-related complaints can be managed better or not even arise.

It can be very fulfilling for the treating person to help the client to a deep relaxation. Anyone who has always been interested in wellness and massages now has the chance to simply get involved in this industry from home: the WHI study allows massaging learning online.  mobile paris escort boy 

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A detailed script along with many videos on the individual massage techniques are the basics for massage training. The participants thus get the tools to successfully complete the distance learning massage and then work as a spa expert.  mobile escort boy paris

The areas of application are diverse. Who says that you only have to stand at the massage bench? Wellness and massage is more than just the

individual application to the customer – you can even give seminars and courses, for example. on the topic of wellness massage for couples or on health topics an internet blog put on –  mobile escort boy  paris

the possibilities are huge and the wellness market begins only very slowly to develop here in Germany. In Switzerland and Austria, the topic of wellness is almost in its infancy.  mobile  escort boy in paris

In particular, blogging and social media have become indispensable in our time. Each wellness practitioner should therefore be present at least on the most important social channels with his wellness company, either in the form of massage offers or (and) just in the field of blogging – so write the article on certain spa massage fitness topics, to get new prospects and customers. escort boy paris

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Note / Tips: When blogging or writing articles on your own massage home page should be advised in advance by an expert for search engine optimization (short SEO), which can then check certain preferences on the website and adjust if necessary. Because just “writing” is no longer enough these days, the content must also be found – this is the texts in a specific structure to deposit and also to provide the so-called META information. mobile escort boy  paris

New job perspective: learning to massage online mobile paris  escort boy 
With WHI, it’s easy to become a certified spa massage practitioner. In the massage training many handles and techniques are explained in detail and shown in detail in the video. This allows the participants to learn a complete massage handle by handle. After the WHI massage distance learning they can open their own massage practice and work as a practitioner for wellness massage.

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Ayurveda massages can also be learned in distance learning
Massages using essential herbs and oils  escort boy in paris
The special feature of the Ayurveda massage is that various herbal extracts, which have been mixed with oils, are warmed up and introduced into the skin through massage manipulations.

This results in a variety of positive effects, release of tension, healing of diseases, promoting sleep or strengthening eyesight, and they also ensure a pure healthy skin. The oil used is, for example, sesame, mustard or coconut oil. In addition to the well-being effect is the ayurveda massage in particular the health effect in the center, this should however be tailored exactly to the person to be treated. In a professional massage training course, this is particularly noticed.  escort boy  paris

The Ayurveda massages exactly adapt to the human type
According to the teachings of Ayurveda, three life energies determine the human balance, which is also referred to as the so-called Doshas, ​​the Vata Doscha, the Kapha Dosha and the Pitta Dosha. These regulate and regulate the body, determine the temperament, lifestyle and also the appearance of each person.  escort boy in paris

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Ideally, there will be a harm ony of all three doshas, ​​then the human will be healthy and balanced. At birth, the ideal case is given, but this original harmony is endangered and disturbed by improper diet, stress or overwork. The Ayurveda massage prevents these negative developments and restores balance – because imbalance makes the body susceptible to disease.  mobile escort boy paris

The Ayurveda type is determined before the treatment by a tongue and pulse diagnosis and an additional questionnaire, on the basis of this provision, the Ayurveda massage is then carried out. Naturally, the massage seminar will also address these requirements.  mobile paris escort boy 

Various Ayurveda massage techniques from the massage distance learning
The Ayurveda massage also has various techniques, such as

Garshan, which is especially recommended for metabolic diseases or blockages. This is a full-body massage done by hand (explained in detail in the DVD), which stimulates lymphatic flow and is best done with raw silk gloves.  escort boy in paris
Another massage method that is treated in the massage correspondence course is Abyhanga. Above all, the tissue channels should be opened. Due to the special therapy oils creates a relaxing and invigorating effect, also in this method, the body is cleansed of skin exudates. escort boy paris

The Synchron Abyhanga is a massage by two therapists at the same time. From head to toe, the body is massaged with herbal oils and ears and face are not left out. So an invigorating, invigorating and relaxing massage that can be learned through the massage distance learning. mobile paris escort boy 

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An Ayurvedic massage that is particularly attuned to the face and head is Shirodhara. Headache, migraine, hypertension, neuralgia, sleep disorders and mental disorders are treated using various herbal oils.  mobile escort boy  paris
The Marma-Nadi treatment is a particularly intensive full-body facial and head massage that triggers a revitalizing and relaxing effect and is especially effective against hardening, tension, blockages, obesity and arthritis, as explained in the Massage DVD

Ayurvedic oils for various treatment methods  escort boy in paris
In the case of Ayurvedic herbal oils, particular care must be taken to ensure that the oils are individually tailored to the customer and the condition of the doshas. Domestic Ayurvedic oils can be used as well as Indian herbal oils. Although Indian oils are barely available in the trade, but there are many and very good local Ayurvedic oils, which have the same effect as Indian oils.  escort boy paris

Among the European Ayurveda oils there are, for example, the Pitta, Kapha or Vata oil, already from the name of the effect of the respective oil is read. Pitta oil has a cooling effect and therefore also reduces the Pitta Dosha, while the Vata oil is warming and reduces the Vata dosha and also the Kapha oil is warming and reduces the Kapha dosha.  mobile escort boy in paris

In the massage distance course also the oils are treated and also on the effect received. So there are also different oils for body or head massages and oils, which are used for all body regions, such as the Ksheerabala Thailam.  mobile escort boy  paris

After the massage a sweat bath is recommended
After each ayurvedic massage, a sweat bath is recommended unless it is a contraindication. The so-called Schwitzbox is a steam sauna in which you sit upright, the head is kept cool and looks out of the sweat box. This sweat bath opens the body channels, the strotas, and allows the oil to penetrate even deeper into the tissue – as well as increasing the conductivity of the body channels and stimulating the body to detoxify. After the sweat bath and a shower you should definitely rest for some time, take a warm drink and then complete the treatment.  mobile paris escort boy 

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Ayurveda nutrition supports the massage treatment  escort boy in paris
Accompanying the Ayurveda massage, the diet should be switched to the treatment. The food is divided into so-called “rasa”, the flavors. In total, there are six such tastes, each one has a particular effect on the organism. There are still different rules to be followed to meet the Ayurvedic diet.

Six flavors are part of the Ayurvedic diet, which are sour, sweet, spicy, salty, bitter and bitter. Sweet foods include carbohydrate-containing foods such as cereals, bread, potatoes, honey, fruits, rice, and pasta, as well as fatty foods such as Indian lard, ghee, and proteinaceous foods such as milk and dairy products. Sweet foods are responsible for the energy in Ayurvedic teachings. Acid foods, such as sauerkraut, kefir or citrus fruit have appetite and digestion.  escort boy paris

Salty foods are also digestive and also soothing. Even spices with a sharp taste stimulate digestion, including garlic, chili, onions or pepper. In addition, these spices have an analgesic and laxative effect.

Bitter foods are chicory, artichoke, dandelion or spinach, which detoxify and purify the organism. Harsh foods include horsetail, stinging nettle, asparagus or cabbage. Tart foods have a healing effect on the mucous membranes and skin.  mobile escort boy in paris

For the classification into certain flavors further rules are added, so should only be eaten, if you are really hungry. Snacks should be avoided altogether. At least three hours should pass between meals. Lunch is considered the main meal, but care should always be taken not to oversleep. Frozen foods, ready meals or fatty products should also be avoided.  mobile escort boy paris

escort boy in paris

Using the massage distance education at home even an Ayurveda massage  escort boy in paris
The full body massage regenerates the tissue, invigorates muscles and skin, promotes cleansing processes, relieves insomnia and has a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. By now being able to massage with videos and scripts is possible, everyone can send their partner and also a massage. escort boy  paris

At the same time, strokes, handles and prints are executed on several parts of the body, thereby stimulating pressure points and energy channels, resulting in more well-being and a sense of well-being.  mobile escort boy in paris

In the massage training you learn the special handles and where they are best used, so that the greatest possible success can be achieved. Those who are now interested in an Ayurvedic massage should register for a distance learning massage and start practicing the practices soon.  mobile escort boy  paris

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