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Tantric masseur in paris

Enjoy a tantric masseur in paris at home according to your needs:
The CINO naturist masseur in paris mat has a number of advantages. body body masseur in paris  whenever you feel like it, no matter what time it is. You do not need to straighten yourself and go for a tantra masseur in paris , with the CINO massage mat you can enjoy a luxury yoni masseur in paris  directly at home.

The perfect gift idea for yourself and others. Do you like to do sports? How about a naturist masseur in paris afterwards? A rainy weekend? How about a bath and then a body body masseur in paris ? Or a tantric masseur in paris on the weekend before breakfast? This way the day starts well.

Tantra masseur in paris in general can not only contribute to overall well-being, help with relaxation and falling asleep, but also help improve a range of medical findings. There are always indications that yoni masseur in paris can also play a role in lowering blood pressure, helping to relieve pain and strengthening the immune system. Below are a few recent excerpts:

tantric masseur in paris

Excerpt from the Bayerischer Rundfunk
“Brushing, kneading, rubbing, tapping: Classic naturist masseur in paris  is one of the oldest healing arts in the world, not only helping to relax, it also helps relieve pain, because it’s often tensions that cause discomfort.”

Excerpt from FOCUS Online
“If it temporarily tweaks in the cross, it does not always have to be painkillers or injections with the doctor.” Several weeks of ongoing back pain can probably be alleviated by some forms of body body masseur in paris . ”

Extract of health in the job call boy in paris 
“A tantric masseur in paris is not only relaxing, it can also replace medications.” Instead of stuffing pills, one can also be thoroughly kneaded, because a good tantra masseur in paris strengthens the immune system and helps reduce stress. ”
The CINO yoni masseur in paris mat can help you:

tantric masseur in paris

To relieve the influence of stress
To relax the muscles
To relax
Easier to fall asleep
To increase the well-being
To increase blood circulation
The CINO massage mattress offers relaxation, wellness and relaxation with 5 standard and 9 therapy programs and 6 yoni masseur in paris elements in 5 different massage zones.

The tantra masseur in paris  zones can be individually adjusted and adjusted to the vibration intensity, and naturist masseur in paris the following zones:

Full Body body body masseur in paris
back tantra masseur in paris
Neck and shoulder yoni masseur in paris
Leg and calf muscles

Hawaii Temple yoni masseur in paris “is an ancient Hawaiian full body body masseur in paris with precious essential oils and relaxing rest with lava stones.

Unlike a classic Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi Nui” tantric masseur in paris , the Hawaiian Temple tantra masseur in paris is a very slow and balancing treatment that uses flowing movements to reach the bottom layers of the tissue to release the tension in the muscular and fascial areas.

During the yoni masseur in paris warm Hawaiian lava stones are placed on the meridians, which bring the vital energy back into flux and give you new vitality. They become harmonious and balanced.

tantric masseur in paris

This relaxing balancing naturist masseur in paris improves physical condition, cleanses body of toxins, relieves pain and awakens the body’s powers at all levels, allowing you to achieve an exceptional state of relaxation.

In this sense, the body body masseur in paris is intent on creating inner harmony, calming the body and giving you new life force. This type of massage can rid the body of both stress and negative emotions and thoughts.

The “Hawaii Temple yoni masseur in paris ” is recommended for all people who are under pressure to perform; can relax badly; suffering from stress, hectic rush, headache, insomnia and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Effectiveness of tantric masseur in paris
linkDownload (486.8 KB)

Tantra masseur in paris  treatments are available i.a. in patients with nonspecific back pain, nonspecific neck pain, nonspecific chronic (musculoskeletal) pain, headache, as well as in fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).

For back pain, guidelines state incidences of up to 30% per year and lifetime prevalence of the population of up to 80%, or 1-year incidences between 6.3% and 15.3% and recurrence with 24-33%, respectively a prevalence of 44% and 39% respectively for persons between 50 and 59 years and point prevalence of 34%.

tantric masseur in paris

Recurrence of back pain is described in 24-33% of patients.

Chronic neck pain affects about 10% of men and about 17% of women, with a point prevalence of about 10-15%.

There is no information on epidemiology for chronic pain without a body region assignment. For chronic pain in the elderly (65+) prevalence rates between 0 and 93% exist. The lifetime prevalence for headache is 90%.

The point prevalence of the FMS is about 3.5%. call boy in paris


For all these indications, the diagnosis is made on the basis of the anamnesis / symptoms, a physical examination to exclude “red flags” (serious other diseases) and “yellow flags” (chronicity risk) and documentation of the functional status, quality of life / impairment and the pain intensity.

For further diagnostics and clarification of “red flags”, imaging and laboratory diagnostics can be used.  naturist masseur in paris

Typically, drug regimens are used for short-term or chronic pain relief, and exercise, partial manual therapy / mobilization, and patient self-management training are recommended. Passive modalities are called additional options, psychological interventions are offered with the appropriate indication / comorbidity.  body body masseur in paris


tantric masseur in paris

In this work, the focus is on massage forms of Swedish (classic)  tantra masseur in paris  and trigger point tantric masseur in paris .

Connective tissue yoni masseur in paris , energy work and other complementary measures were not included.

By exercise we mean all active therapies for mobility, muscle training (strength and endurance) and balance exercises.

Movement should eliminate or reduce functional deficits.

The classic Swedish naturist masseur in paris  should relax and create well-being.

The trigger point body body masseur in paris  aims to specifically release muscle tension.

International tantra masseur in paris  is a complementary / alternative therapy. Nationally and internationally, massage is taken over and reimbursed by the health system / social insurance only on the basis of a doctor’s order.  call boy in paris

tantric masseur in paris


Guidelines were searched for in the databases of G-I-N, SIGN directly and by AWMF for guidelines, in the Cochrane Database for Systematic Reviews for reviews and for an update in Pubmed for controlled studies.

A total of 20 guidelines, 4 reviews and 4 controlled questionnaire responses were used. Studies already included in the reviews were excluded to avoid duplication. Studies used in more than one review article have been documented and presented. body body masseur in paris 


For the indication back pain, nine guidelines and a Cochrane review were included. Of these ten works, eight recommend the massage in combination with exercise; one guideline provides massage for herniated disc with radicular symptoms not proven by scientific evidence, and the Cochrane review article describes a positive effect of yoni masseur in paris .

In addition, two RCTs were included, which evaluated tantra masseur in paris  with movement versus motion only and massage with motion versus yoni masseur in paris  only. The comparison of exercise programs with or without massage shows no differences in the outcomes pain, impairment, quality of life and work ability. The comparison naturist masseur in paris with movement versus only body body masseur in paris  shows an advantage for massage with movement in pain and functional improvement.  call boy in paris

tantric masseur in paris

For the indication of chronic pain, a review article from Canada was included, which evaluates eleven evidence-based guidelines. These eleven guidelines include recommendations for the use of physical therapy interventions in the treatment of chronic, non-cancer-related pain. In general, the guidelines support the interventions movement, manual therapy, acupuncture, tantra masseur in paris  and yoga. The frequency or duration of these treatments is lacking evidence. Recommendations for the use of tantric masseur in paris  for chronic pain can be found in six of these guidelines.

The search for RCTs for the indication chronic pain with a direct comparison between yoni masseur in paris  and (…) yielded no result.

For the indication headache in adults two guidelines / reviews were included. Both recommend mobile masseur in paris  in combination with exercise. From the search for RCTs with a direct comparison between naturist masseur in paris and exercise or their combination, no study on the indication headache resulted.

Three guidelines and a Cochrane review were included for the indication of chronic neck pain. One guideline recommends body body masseur in paris in combination with exercise, the two AWMF guidelines and the Cochrane Review make negative statements about tantra masseur in paris or report insufficiently scientifically proven efficacy. Both AWMF guidelines refer to Cochrane reviews, one of which is included in this work.

Two AWMF guidelines were found for the indication Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, one describing the effectiveness of the yoni masseur in paris  as insufficiently scientifically proven and the other reporting a positive effect of mobile masseur in paris  – however, the second guideline did not provide any references to the positive statement. From the search for RCTs with direct comparison between massage and exercise or their combination, no study on the indication Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis resulted.

tantric masseur in paris

For the indication fibromyalgia an AWMF guideline reports the effectiveness of the tantric masseur in paris as not sufficiently scientifically occupied. From the search for RCTs with direct comparison between tantra masseur in paris  and exercise or their combination, no study on the indication fibromyalgia resulted.

For other indications, two guidelines on musculoskeletal pain or pain and anxiety in old age report a positive effect of the yoni masseur in paris , two Cochrane reviews report contradictory or inconsistent information on the effectiveness of mobile masseur in paris  for arm, neck or shoulder pain or inguinal pain in athletes.

From the search for RCTs with a direct comparison between naturist masseur in paris  and exercise or their combination resulted in a study of gonarthrosis and one to heel pain. The study on gonarthrosis is not evaluable due to the inequality of the comparison groups before treatment, the study on heel pain finds slight benefits for the group “exercise without tantra massaeur in paris “.

Available evidence

For the treatment of back pain there is little positive evidence for a short-term effect of tantric masseur in paris . For a long-term therapeutic success, the combination of yoni masseur in paris  with exercise therapy is recommended in 8 out of 9 guidelines.

For the treatment of chronic pain in a guideline and headache in two guidelines the combination of mobile masseur in paris  with exercise therapy is recommended.

tantric masseur in paris

For the other indications included, the evidence or the guideline recommendations based thereon are inconsistent or there is a likelihood that further studies of better quality will lead to results different from those available to date.  call boy in paris


Naturist masseur in paris is rarely used alone as a study intervention a) and b) difficult to blind. Many people find body body masseur in paris  to be pleasant and also includes a donation component. Use as the sole form of treatment for the indications listed above is unusual and – not least on the basis of a) and b) – not supported by evidence of efficacy. Especially for a long-term therapeutic success, the combination with exercise therapy is recommended for back pain, chronic tension headache and also chronic nonspecific pain. call boy in paris

For a general range of services without restriction to certain indications, according to the current evidence, it can be assumed that massage as a treatment in combination with exercise therapy can achieve better efficacy than without exercise. call boy in paris

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