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Amazing male masseur in paris

In Bali, male naturist masseur paris is an ancient traditional healing method. For physical complaints, most Indonesians or Balinese go to a male body masseur paris therapist first before consulting a doctor.

It is believed that all illnesses were of a spiritual origin, and that one can alleviate or cure physical discomfort by calming one’s mental state. The origins of Balinese male tantra masseur paris go back thousands of years. The original Bali male massaeur in paris is based on Asian male body masseur paris e and has deep links to Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic therapies.

It is a tissue male masseur in paris  that is performed with oil and gentle to hard pressure to be able to work on even deeper muscle layers. Various techniques are used, such as kneading, long strokes, joint mobilization, stretching and acupressure. The combination creates a deep relaxation and at the same time relaxation of the muscles.

male masseur in paris

Femininity or fertility male naturist masseur paris

The femininity male tantra masseur paris is also called fertility male masseur in paris . She relaxes and calms down in many aspects, physically as well as emotionally – above all, she encourages women to (re) feel their own inner center and to trust one’s own gut feeling.

The heart of the femininity massage is the abdomen, the second brain (!!!), which is in close connection with our decisions and thus our head. Several years ago, researchers discovered that the stomach and intestines contain around 200 million nerve cells. In many other forms of male naturist masseur paris , the stomach is left out or just “treated” for a short time.

In the stomach, however, are our feelings and, above all, pent-up feelings not expressed. So we can feel good fear and anger in the stomach, but also butterflies in the stomach. Feelings in the abdomen are often feelings we can not digest, i. do not want to feel or allow.

The male yoni masseur paris of the reflex zones of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus stimulates and regulates the hormone system. The male yoni masseur paris  is applied at

menstrual disorders
Menstrual and menopausal symptoms,
Endometriosis and other hormonal disorders,
after births and miscarriages,
Thyroid dysfunction,
hormonal headache
The femininity massage has a cleansing and detoxifying effect through massage of the lymph, liver and kidney. You:

promotes digestion
helps to find your own inner center
to listen to the belly
promotes fertility (also for the male sperm)
All abdominal organs are increasingly perfused by the gentle massage and can thus excrete toxins more easily.

male masseur in paris

Dates by appointment

Traditional Thai male masseur in paris
In 2004 I traveled to Thailand for the first time. Fascinated by this country, I knew I would return soon and learned the Traditional Thai male body masseur paris  at ITM (International Thai Massage School) in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2006.

In Thailand you get Thai male naturist massaeur paris on every street corner, but not every male body masseur paris is equally good just because it is “cheap”. So I have experiences as masseuses casually phoned using the phone or chatting happily with their colleagues in Thai and thus there was hardly a recreational or relaxation factor. male tantric masseur paris  is not the same as massage.

The traditional Thai male body masseur paris (TTM) is a holistic and deep-acting male tantric masseur paris . The body is passively stretched and stretched during the male naturist masseur paris . The energy lines (meridians) are treated by acupressure and thus deep-seated tension of the muscles and joints as well as energy blockades can be solved within a short time.

The traditional Thai male masseur in paris  uses no oil and they wear comfortable clothing throughout the male body masseur paris .
Meridian balancing male naturist masseur paris
The meridian balancing  male body masseur paris causes, similar to acupuncture, a dissolution of congestion in the energy pathways of the body. The main meridians are smoothed out. Blockages that appear can break loose. The energy then flows freely and unhindered through the body.

This massage can be connected to a Thai male tantric  masseur paris or performed beforehand.

male masseur in paris

Transformation means transformation. The world and therefore also we as humans are constantly exposed to such a transformation process. But hardly anyone consciously perceives how quickly we change, thoughts, feelings and YES body cells also arise and pass every moment. But when we look in the mirror, we always look “the same”. Apparently, we always look in the same picture in the mirror, but the reality is different. Something is constantly changing in us, processes are taking place … everything is in motion.

Transformation therapy is about consciously releasing the old, no longer useful, no longer serviceable, and finally TRANSFORM! But to be able to let go, we have to be ready to accept the old and say ‘yes’ to it. Once again to feel affirmative …  male tantra masseur paris

My own “Transformation” began in 2004 in the form of a 13-month world tour – my last stop was Thailand. Fascinated by the monks and the temple, I decided to do a 10-day mindfulness mediation course that changed my life and my world view …   male naturist masseur paris

The world tour ended in Thailand, but the journey to me myself and my own inner KNOWLEDGE and nature began. GRATEFUL for all the experience I have been able to make ever since, and for all the teachers and teachings that I have met and encounter, I look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your journey to find your own TRUTH and JOY again and to walk the path of YOUR HEART ,

I accompany and support you on your own personal path to joy, freedom and ease

male masseur in paris

Transformation therapy according to Robert Betz  male tantric  masseur paris

Transformation Therapy is a new form of psychotherapy developed by Robert Betz. It is a feeling therapy that is about accepting the past, feeling affirmative, and finally letting go. Often we displace unpleasant feelings into the subconscious, are disputed with ex-partner, parents, supervisors and other persons, entangled – in short not at peace –

this burdens us on different levels, physically, emotionally, etc., added to the demands of everyday life, children, Job etc. We have less and less time and more stress to deal with ourselves and at some point there is a bang and life says STOP! In the form of a burn-out, a bad illness, accident, sudden death of a loved one etc.  male yoni  masseur paris

These life crises are always a great opportunity to review the previous thinking and acting, to become aware of their own issues, to clean up and to create clarity. This is an intense process of self-exploration, self-development, and liberation from limiting and painful states on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. male  masseur in paris

Transformation therapy offers an effective way to deal with one’s own issues, to dissolve entanglements, to strengthen self-esteem and to find a powerful self-expression.

The goal of the therapy is to become a person who is happy, fulfilled and successful in his path as the conscious creator of his reality of life, who is in love with himself, his fellow human beings and his life.  male naturist masseur paris

male masseur in paris

Meditation – encounter with the inner healer

Healing happens as we begin to believe in and activate our own inherent self-healing powers. They support us in the process of recovery and healing. Each one of us has an inner healer waiting to be activated. Often we give up our responsibility by running to the doctor and collecting a “diagnosis” from him. But no doctor in the world can heal us if we are not ready to look inward and believe in our own power and power as creative beings, and to bring our themes and shadows into the light and to look at them. male body masseur paris

In this meditation, you affirm your inner healer and allow him / herself to speak. You will learn how to activate and support yourself and your self-healing powers !!!  male tantric masseur paris

Spagyric according to Dr. med. Zimpel
Spagyric is a kind of phytotherapy (plant therapy), which goes back to Paracelsus (1493 – 1541) and affects the body, mind and soul level. It combines the potential of phytotherapy, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and Schüssler salts. Spagyric means to separate and cleanse (from the Greek spao “pull out, separate” and ageiro “unite, merge”), as well as the organs like e.g.

Liver and kidneys excrete pollutants and toxins, so in the alchemical process of processing the plant, the toxins are separated, purified and worked only with the pure essences of the plants. male yoni masseur paris

male masseur in paris

Spagyric is used for physical ailments, mental and emotional blockages and entanglements. This requires a detailed history.

Based on the date of birth it is possible to calculate which plants can support you on your life path, help you to solve life blocks and bring hidden potentials to the surface.  male naturist masseur paris

Physical: discharge, detoxification, deacidification, allergies, hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal, lung, heart, kidney diseases as well as autoimmune diseases, states of exhaustion, development of the immune system, etc.  male body masseur paris

Spiritual / Emotional: Fear, panic, depression, separation, resistance, relationship problems, sleep problems, general well – being, can not let go, thought carousel, etc

Light grids after Damien Wynne  male masseur in paris
In a light grid session, I open and hold the space for your theme, which you want to watch or you want to clarify for yourself. We work with what is in the field, visualizations, clarification, setting up the ancestors at their genetic place, as well as that you are at your genetic place and open your space for you and your potential. Each session is different and contains the potential that lies dormant in you.  male yoni  masseur paris

Damien’s work is extremely effective at resolving mental and emotional blockages. It’s about,

old patterns, programs to recognize and redeem,

male masseur in paris

To recognize and live your full potential,
to feel comfortable in your body,

to be completely with you, to trust yourself,

completely to take their own strength and responsibility,

to hear and follow the voice of your heart.

If we always get into the same situations or get stuck on a certain topic, it may be that it is a very very old pattern that we have inherited from our parents, ancestors, or even ancestors, and we always re-act although we may know that this person, this job, does not do us any good. We are thus dominated by our past and alien energies.  male naturist masseur paris

Light Grids is a kind of energy field that helps to clarify these unconscious programs and related topics, to free you from them and to discover and live the hidden talents and gifts. As a result, we not only change ourselves, but also our immediate environment, such as partners, children, parents.

Massages are not only a great way to pamper yourself a bit. Studies have found that they can even have a positive effect on your health. Massages as medicine? This is a pill that we like to swallow!   male body  masseur paris

The positive effect of the male body masseur  paris   goes beyond the usual relaxation that most people associate with it.

male masseur in paris

They improve sleep
We do not have to convince those of you who have been thrown away with oil on our backs. Many studies have shown that massages can reduce sleep disturbances. This is apparently related to the delta waves, which are also responsible for a restful deep sleep. A 1998 publication in the International Journal of Neuroscience described that patients suffering from migraine felt less distressed, had less pain, had fewer headache-free days, and had less sleep disturbances after a massage therapy.  male tantra  masseur paris

They relieve pain
Proper pressure can help loosen muscle hardening and stimulate blood circulation. A male body masseur paris  can also increase flexibility, which in turn leads to a lower risk of injury (especially those after repeated exercise or overstretching).

A 2011 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine on the effectiveness of relaxation and targeted lower back pain massaging found that 10-week massage therapy can even relieve pain better than conventional medications or gymnastics. The positive effect lasted even for six months. The study also showed that relaxation massages were just as beneficial as targeted male tantric masseur paris

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Better sleep, less stress
Restful sleep and a liberated head alone make for a better mood. In addition, there are other reasons to feel happier after a male tantra  masseur paris . The Touch Research Institute in Miami, USA, found that male yoni masseur paris can reduce anxiety and anxiety by reducing the stress hormone cortisol while increasing levels of the messengers serotonin and dopamine. This lowers the stress level and relieves anxiety and depression.

male masseur in paris

A 2016 study on the effects of a Swedish male naturist masseur paris  , published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, also found that regular massage treatments helped alleviate anxiety symptoms. For four weeks, the study participants received three 30-minute massages per week. After the study, the researchers concluded:

“The male tantric masseur paris  therapy resulted in lower systolic blood pressure, lower heart and respiratory rates. It can be concluded that massage has a positive effect on the vital signs associated with anxiety in healthy women. ”

They push the immune system
A good male tantra  masseur paris  not only lifts your spirits, it can also help boost the immune system. This is because stimulating the muscles and skin promotes the release of chemical substances that relieve pain and induce feelings of relaxation and well-being. In a 2010 study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary

Medicine, the researchers found that after a 45-minute male tantra masseur paris, people have more lymphocytes (white blood cells) in their body to fight disease. Improved blood flow can also help improve organ function, making you feel happier and happier. So there is something in the old saying, “In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind.”

They improve the complexion and the hair  male yoni masseur paris
Better sleep, less stress and a good mood make you feel satisfied, but regular kneading sessions can also make your skin glow. male masseur in  paris  stimulate blood circulation and promote lymph drainage (so that toxins can be removed from the cells), so that they even beautify the skin and hair.

male masseur in paris

Studies show that a   male naturist masseur paris  is more than you would expect at first glance. No wonder that more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of a male body masseur paris   . The Mintel research group found out in 2015 that 30% of adults had a massage before and 37% of those who had never been massaged were interested.

With the science on your side, you can calmly indulge in relaxation.

Better sleep, less stress and a good mood are the wonderful side effects of a regular male yoni  masseur paris

Partnership: male tantric masseur paris  relieves stress
From a  male body masseur paris  unit, both benefit in a partnership: the one who is massaged and the massager. This is the conclusion of scientists from Northubria University in the United Kingdom, who presented their study at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society in Brighton.

The benefits of having a professional male naturist masseur paris are well documented, says study author Sayuri Naruse. However, your study now shows that couples with a bit of prior training and some practice could get similarly good results. For the study, 38 study participants had participated in a three-week male body masseur paris course.

This positively influenced the well-being, the perceived stress and the stress management of the couples. And even three weeks later, the effects had not declined significantly. The couples also reported that their physical and emotional well-being improved significantly after each male tantra masseur paris  session. This was true for both partners: the one who gave the massage and the one who received it.

“The results show that male naturist masseur paris  are a simple and effective way for couples to improve their physical and mental wellbeing while showing mutual affection,” says Naruse. In addition, the data suggested that the benefits of a short male masseur in  paris  course are long-lasting. Three-quarters of the study participants stated that they would continue with the male tantric masseur paris   after completing the course. Massages are inexpensive and enjoyable and could easily be integrated into the daily routine of couples, the researchers said

Wellness – who offers what
You have holidays and only want one thing: relax. Then a wellness holiday is just the thing. What is offered in Germany, and what you should pay attention to when choosing.  male yoni masseur paris

male masseur in paris

To find the right one in the wide range of offers, it helps to ask yourself a few questions about the desired focus: Would you like to sweat in the sauna, lie in the warm thermal pool and relax with a full body  male naturist masseur paris ? Do you want to enjoy beauty treatments, a professional pedicure and a Cleopatra bath? Or do you prefer to indulge in culinary delights? Also for sports enthusiasts or health-oriented there are special offers.

After deciding on a type of wellness, the question arises of the surroundings: sea, mountains or urban ambience? Offers are everywhere. If you only have a small budget available, you should plan your spa days as much as possible from Monday to Friday. This is usually cheaper than on the weekend. In addition, the chances of the longed for peace increase. In order not to feel out of place, it is worth asking the hotel in advance which guests usually spend their holidays there: families, singles, couples, younger or older?

Quality labels and reviews of experienced wellness guides also help with orientation. They test the hotels and other wellness providers independently and classify them.

Small wellness encyclopedia
Ayurveda: holistic health education from India
Balneotherapy: a bathing therapy in which, among other things, healing waters and external applications with mud and mud, water, cold, heat and inhalations are treated  male masseur in paris

Banja: Russian sweat room; special feature: simmering birch branches in a kettle
Cleopatra bath: noble bath with bath salts from oil or cow’s milk
Danarium: medium-temperature steam bath that can be used without physical effort (temperature: about 65 ° C, humidity: about 60%)
Earthwallsauna: sauna embedded in the earth (temperature: up to 100 ° C, humidity: up to 10%)

male masseur in paris

Fango (-Kur): warm mineral mud from volcanic earth; is applied to the body and can relieve rheumatic discomfort and tension through the heat
Floating: Floating bath in a tank or basin filled with highly concentrated salt water male naturist masseur paris
Hamam: Turkish, oriental (steam) bath, in which the temperature is slowly increased and massage and cleansing rituals to smooth the skin
Kelosauna: Finnish sauna made of special wood, the so-called Kelo (dead and naturally dried wood)

Pedicure: Chiropody
Pizichil: Ayurvedic full body massage with warm oil
Rasul / Rhassoul bath: treatment with nourishing muds
Roman bath: sequence of differently warm and damp bath rooms: Tepidarium (lukewarm room), Caldarium (warm bath), Laconium (sweating room), Frigidarium (cold room)  male body  masseur paris

Shiatsu: Far Eastern finger pressure male masseur in paris
Spa / Day Spa: wellness / spa area in hotels; Beauty farm where cosmetic and relaxing treatments are offered
Thalasso therapy: healing treatments with seawater or relation to the sea
Pharmacist Fabian Henkel  male tantric masseur paris

male masseur in paris

Does the cashier pay for a  male masseur in paris  ?
Statutory health insurance companies still pay for male tantra masseur paris treatments – but only for diseases that are alleviated by male naturist masseur paris . These include, for example, persistent muscle tension or hardening. The doctor issues a prescription that allows the patient to visit the massage practice.

Completely free, the treatment is not despite the recipe. As with prescribed medicines, the patient has to pay ten euros prescription fee. According to the Ordinance on Medicinal Products, an own contribution of ten percent of the total treatment costs will be added. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 are exempt from the prescription fee and own contribution.

Are the grip techniques different from the  male tantra  masseur paris ?

Scholl: Yes. The lymphatic drainage is a very gentle method, which can be used in contrast to the massage immediately in an acute injury. It always starts at the top of the body or at the neck, to clear the lymphatic system and to avoid congestion above the injury site. Even with an ankle injury, you start at the neck and work your way slowly. male masseur in paris

In doing so one executes circular movements, which exert very slight pressure and tension on the tissue. This is how the lymphatic capillaries open and close, and the lymph starts to move. Often you notice after the treatment that swelling has decreased significantly

male masseur in paris

What sets a medical massage apart from wellness massages?

Scholl: Patients with health problems go to a medical massage. There is no medical indication for a wellness massage. It does not go so deep and is more for the well-being. The masseurs do not have to be as well-trained as masseurs in sports or rehabilitation. Interestingly, such spa massages in facilities often cost many times what a medical masseur charges.  male masseur in paris

Ayurveda: In the pure with itself
In Ayurveda – the knowledge of life – health and beauty are not a godsend. No, everyone can do something for it. You can travel to India, but there are also offers in Germany that are easier to reach.  male body masseur paris

Pleasant herbal scent fills the room. Warm sesame oil flows on the legs and is massaged by two masseuses at the same time. Slowly her hands move over her back to her shoulders and back again. The relaxation of warmth and touch goes so deep that you forget everything around you. This is important in Ayurveda, because according to Indian healing knowledge is:  male naturist masseur paris

Who is permanently tense and feeds wrong, not healthy. Through metabolic processes, environmental influences and stress, too many toxins are deposited in the body and clog the inner energy flow. With a two- or three-week Ayurveda therapy you can tackle it.

male masseur in paris

It is important that the three “doshas” Vata, Pitta and Kapha are in balance, because only then do we feel happy and healthy after the Ayurvedic teachings. The term Doshas stands for life energy. In order to balance them, traditional Ayurveda is not limited to male tantric  masseur paris  and oil spills, but includes various procedures – nutrition, intestinal rehabilitation, herbal preparations, meditation, sports and yoga exercises.

You do not have to travel to India to do an Ayurveda cure. Ayurveda is offered in various places in Germany, for example in Bad Wildstein in Traben-Trabach, in Birstein in the Hesse or in Bad Ems. Recently, in some clinics also stationary Ayurveda treatments are offered, such as in Rotthalmünster or Berlin.  male tantra masseur paris

Small Ayurveda glossary
Pulse diagnosis: At the beginning of a course of treatment is a comprehensive diagnosis. The Ayurvedic doctor uses all his senses: he examines the patient’s tongue, fingernails and skin, feels and smells the body, feels the pulse. From the pulse he determines the condition of the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  male naturist masseur paris


Panchakarma: This is a detoxification therapy that is set for ten to 21 days, depending on the orientation. It usually begins with a few days of intense inner cleansing. Instead of breakfast you get a butter pure fat (ghee) to drink. A special diet and colon cleansing complete the first phase of detoxification.  male tantra masseur paris

Massages: For many, they are the most popular part of the Ayurvedic cure. There are different forms. Especially pleasant is “Abhyanga” – a full-body massage in which two therapists simultaneously  male tantric masseur paris  warm herbal oil rhythmically and synchronously.

Shirodhara: In frontal oil casting, a continuous, body-warming jet of oil flows down the forehead and temples. The deeply relaxing treatment lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. Svedana: herbal steam bath in which the patient sits or lies in a wooden box that spares the head. This dilates the vessels, and sweat glands are activated. Yoga and Meditation: Both should help, the G  male masseur in paris

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